Skills Assessment

SkillsKnowing what skills you already have and which ones you are developing can help you determine what types of careers might be best for you.

Assessing your skills can also help you realize what skills you still want or need to gain.

Your skill set will change continually as you gain experience, practice, and training so be sure to re-assess as necessary.

Skills can be grouped into two main categories:

Job Content Skills: These are related to specific jobs or careers. Some examples are: computer skills, technical skills, and subject matter expertise.

Transferable Skills: These are more general skills which may be useful in many work situations. Examples include: communication skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, organization and time management.

The iSeek Skills Assessment. This tool has you rate your skills in up to ten categories. Based on the results, you can see a list of careers that best match the skills you have selected

What is the iSeek Skills assessment?

"Everyone has things that they love to do and skills they like to use. This assessment lets you rate yourself on 35 different skills and then see which occupations are a match for the skills that are important to you."

The assessment will take about 5-10 minutes. Complete your assessment by answering questions about the skills you would like to perform in your daily work.

At the end of the assessment, you will see a list of occupations that are a good match for your skill profile.

  • Basic Skills
  • Management Skills
  • People Skills
  • System Skills
  • Technical Skills

Click on this link to take your Skills Assessment and determine your sKills set.

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