National Career Development Standards

A. Self-Awareness: Assess personal skills, abilities, aptitudes, and personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career exploration and development.

Unit 1 - What Do I Want to Do With My Life 

B. Career Research: Utilize career resources to develop a career information database that includes international career opportunities.

Unit 2 - What Do I Need to Know 

C. Workplace Expectations: Relate the importance of workplace expectations to career development.

Unit 3 - Where Do I Go From Here 

D. Career Strategy: Apply knowledge gained from individual assessment to a comprehensive set of goals and an individual career plan.

Unit 3 - Where Do I Go From Here 

E. School-to-Career Transition: Develop strategies to make an effective transition from school to career.

Unit 4 - Market Yourseld and Find a Job 

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