A Note to the Teacher

The goal of the Purchasing a House lesson is for students to use Algebra to solve real world problems. The lesson is laid out so that students can practice a real world problem and use the language of algebra that is taught in a face-to-face class setting. The lesson is divided into steps that students would take to find the needed numbers to decide on whether they can afford to purchase a house. Each student will need a Profile Card that will give him or her the background information needed to determine the type of house they are able to purchase. Because each student’s numbers will be different each student’s answers will be different.

Click here to get sheets of Profile Cards to be cut into individual cards and passed out to students.

The Moodle Lesson, Purchasing a House has the students put answers in Moodle Wikis and by uploading worksheets that are in Microsoft Word. The last question is for students to reflect on some questions using the Online Text Assignment in Moodle. As the student works through the Moodle they can work in a more random fashion answering questions as they find the answers to them. The teacher will want to walk through these activities with the students using the last Practice Topic.

A second option has the student work through a Word File of the lesson that can be downloaded by the student, this way the student does not have to be online to get the information required to answer questions. This will broaden the number of students that can participate in the lesson. The student that has Internet access can work on the Lesson in Moodle and print out the Word File to use as a worksheet.

Be sure and review this Moodle and explore all of the options for you and the students. The Moodle used will need to be able to support Algebraic Equations. Click here to access the Purchasing a House Word File of the lesson. The teacher will want to hide the A Note to the Teacher Resource before the students begin working on this Moodle.
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