Personality Assessement Assignment

Personality Assessment Assignment - Jung Typology (25 Points)

After taking the Personality Inventory answer the following questions and submit your answers.

1.  What were your Personality Components?

_____ (E) Extraverted or   _____  (I) Introverted

_____ (S) Sensing        or   _____  (N) Intuition

_____ (T) Thinking      or   _____  (F) Feeling

_____ (J) Judging        or   _____  (P) Perceiving

Using the decriptions given in "Using your Personality Assessment Results" review your Personality Assessment Components.

2.  List two occupations that are somewhat interesting to you:

3.  List two occupations that are very interesting to you:

4.  What are some school subjects that will help you prepare for these careers?

5.  What are some skills that you will have to develop to prepare for these careers?