Interest Assessment Assignment

Interest Assessment Assignment - Holland Interest Inventory (25 Points)

After taking the Interest Inventory answer the following questions and submit your answers.

Your Interest Profile is the three highest letter scores. 

1.  My Interest Profile  RIASEC code includes:

_____ Realistic

_____ Investigative

_____ Artistic

_____ Social

_____ Enterprising

_____ Conventional

The three letters with the highest scores are your Interest Profile. 

2.  What is your profile?  (i.e. RSC)

Using the decriptions given in "Using your Interest Assessment Results" review your Interest Assessment profile.

3.  List two occupations that are somewhat interesting to you:

4.  List two occupations that are very interesting to you:

5.  What are some school subjects that will help you prepare for these careers?

6.  What are some skills that you will have to develop to prepare for these careers?

7.  Do you believe your interest profile matches your true interests?  Why or why not?