Assignment 5B: Context clues diary entries

What are tramzams? Poof-poofs? Fladder? Read through the following diary entry that uses these and more.

Dear Diary,

I overslept this morning. I had to eat my bowl of poof-poofsvery quickly, and I almost missed the tramzam. When I got to school, I realized I had forgotten my zilgping. Luckily, my teacher is very zoosh, and told me I could bring it tomorrow.

After school, some friends and I played plingming. It’s a new game I am learning. We scored 7 points and they only scored 5 points, so we were the zoiters!

Dad says that next weekend we’re going to the fladder. I can’t wait! I love to swim and play in the sand. I hope I don’t get a sunburn though.

Well, I better go to bed soon. I don’t want to wake up late again and miss my tramzam!

Until tomorrow,


1. What are poof poofs?

2. What is a tramzam?

3. What is zilping?

4. If a teacher is zoosh, what does that mean?

5. What is plingming?

6. What does zoiters mean?

7. What is fladder?

8. How do you know your answers are correct?