Assignment 2D: Mapping it out

There are many ways to understand main ideas and their support. But, one thing you definitely need to do is practice. For this assignment, you'll select an article from the list that follows. You'll then create a mind map using Mindomo that showcases the main ideas and the supporting details of each of the article's paragraphs. To get started, take a look at this mind map.

To start, sign up with mindomo. Watch the intro video because it is short and helpful! Then, make sure when you save your work you have done the following two things: 1. Select "make public" when you save your map. 2. Go to the share area and copy and paste the url into this assignment when you submit it.

Now that you are signed up, it's time to read your chosen article. The article's name should be the center of the mindmap. Count how many paragraphs your article contains. You will include a main idea for each paragraph. These should be labeled "Paragraph 1: Main Idea = Ways of Communication." Then, you should add as many support areas for each paragraph as necessary.

Here are your choice articles. You only need to complete one!

Choice 1: My Schizophrenic Sister (eight paragraphs total)
Choice 2: Homework: Good or Bad for You? (six paragraphs total)
Choice 3: Dsylexia (write about the final 5 paragraphs)

When you are done with your map, make sure you select to make the map public. Then, copy and paste the web address into this assignment and upload!