Assignment 2B: Strategy I (Four Step prediction)

Select one of the following articles to use for this assignment. Complete the following four steps. Think about using this four-step plan whenever you encounter a new article.
1. Read the title of the article and make some predictions about the article. Complete the following sentence. The title of the article is ______________ and I think the article will be about ________________________ based on this title.

2. Don't read the full text, but use your eyes to look for the following: sub-titles (these are smaller titles or headings that appear throughout the article), pictures or visuals, captions for the visuals, bolded words that might be vocab, other aides like itacized quotes or charts. Now complete the following sentence. I scanned the article titled "______________________" and believe the article may be about _____________________________.

3. Read the first paragraph of the article. Read the last paragraph of the article. Complete the following sentence. After reading the first and last paragraphs, it seems that the article may be about __________________.

4. Now that you've thought about the title, scanned the article, and read the first and final paragraphs, what do you think this article is going to be about? Write at least three sentences and be as specific as you can.

Article one: Unconscious
Article two: Breaking the Silence
Article three: Building Damages