Assignment 1E: Reading Poster

Your interview from assignment 1D contains a lot of great information about why reading can be a positive experience for people. For this assignment, you will create a poster about your interview using an online postering tool called Glogster. Never used Glogster? Watch one of these two informative videos:
Go to Glogster's homepage to start. Your Glogster poster should contain a the following (but you can definitely put more on the poster):
  • The name of the person you interviewed
  • An image of the book that your person talked about
  • Two or more quotes about this book from the person you interviewed
  • The answers to the other interview question
  • Your personal response to what this person said.
  • To complete this assignment, you'll paste the web link to your Glogster within the assignment submission. I should just click on the link to see your Glogster.

Here is an example Glogster that contains all of the required information: